Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Our deep portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of customer needs, including customer relationship management, procurement, and supply chain management.We provide solutions that help to implement best-in-class solutions for our customers in their business operations.
Our ebusiness provides wide range of Customized IT and enterprise cloud Solutions for your business needs. We provide cloud based data and analytical platforms with intellective business intelligence. Our hybrid Cloud based solutions ensure seamless and secure business integration into public and private cloud based environments.

Building customer loyalty is first and foremost basis of our business model. This culture is maintained across all our business divisions. With the right tools to personalize the experience, we ensure that our customers keep coming back. The summary of Services offered by our Business Solutions division Include:

  • Develop and evaluate Business Plans
  • Perform Due diligence and Independent Asset reviews
  • Business Operations & Capital Planning
  • Business Case Preparation including economic evaluation
  • Perform Independent advisory (Review and recommend) on emerging technologies
  • Provide full range of Project Management Services
  • Provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Services
  • Evaluate Business Performance
  • Review and Evaluate Process improvements
  • Validation of Front End Engineering Design packages
  • Develop Decision Support Packages
  • Develop Procurement and Contracting Strategies
  • Evaluate Project / Business Risk and provide mitigation matrix
  • Review and recommend Safety Culture & safety Behavior
  • E Business Solutions and Cloud based solution platforms
  • Supply Chain Management