Cordia Energy Solutions offers a complete life cycle solution from initial concept through to design, construction and commissioning services. This allows us to understand seamless integration of the project execution development phases.

Our design teams include individuals with proven track record in Conceptual Design, Front End Design and Detail Design. Our Design and Construction services are at the heart of our organization and we take pride in providing innovative solutions that not only save cost but enhance project delivery significantly.

Through our own teams and a large network of partners our capacity and capability to provide integrated services to the industry we service include:

1.Hydrocarbon and Chemical   

2.Renewable Energy

Hydrocarbon and Chemical

  • Building and maintenance of live 3D plant models
  • Process Design that includes licensor softwares such as HYSYS, OLGA, PIPESIM Etc.
  • Design of instrumentation and Controls for process variables.
  • Design of emergency shutdown systems&Safety Instrument Systems
  • Design of programmable logic control (PLC) systems including interfaces to distributed control systems (DCS).
  • Electrical Power Analysis using ETAP
  • Detailed electrical systems design, modification, procurement and power analysis
  • Independent third party design review
  • Piping design of plants
  • Soil Investigation and testing
  • Offshore Structural (Jackets and topsides) SACS Software
  • Detailed analysis of offshore installation process (jackets and topsides)
  • Detailed design of offshore structure
  • Civil and civil structural detailed design
  • Subsea Pipeline design
  • Onshore cross country pipeline design

Renewable Energy

Services include feasibility and conceptual studies, Cost Analysis, Decision Support packages, Detailed design, Project Management, Construction Management, Procurement and supply Management, Soil investigation and testing, piling and installation of Civil, structural, Mechanical, electrical system including commissioning for startup and handover for:

  • Solar technologies
  • Geothermal technologies
  • Biomass technologies
  • Wind technologies
  • Energy Storage Systems