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photograph of Duquesne University on a summer evening

Case Study | March 6, 2024 Duquesne University

The Challenge

Duquesne University, a 120-year-old institution, was faced with an aging utility solution and not enough capital to update.

The Solution

Cordia acquired Duquesne University’s central utility plant for a substantial upfront payment that was off-balance sheet and credit-positive per Moody’s Review.

We entered into a 40-year Energy Services Agreement (ESA) with Cordia assuming operating and revenue risk throughout the contract.

The Result

Duquesne was relieved of crippling capital expenditures.

The capital injection from Cordia made them more financially sustainable.

Cordia is unlocking the campus system’s potential by:

  • Connecting with nearby facility to create new district energy systems, improve efficiency and reliability
  • Participating in demand response and ancillary power markets
  • Exploring utilization of excess steam capacity for new projects or other customers
Duquesne University Admin Building

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