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Combined Heat & Power

Sun Devil Energy Center in Phoenix, AZ
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Reducing Waste While Supporting Resilience

Combined heat and power, especially when configured with a microgrid, offers high energy security and resiliency. Microgrids can remain online in the event of a power grid outage. These solutions are often used in mission-critical applications such as hospitals and sensitive research institutions.

District energy systems can leverage the greater diversity associated with multiple connected customers to achieve an optimum balance between electrical and thermal loads, maximizing CHP energy savings.

How It Works

Combined heat and power is the most efficient way to generate useful energy. By utilizing the heat wasted in traditional power generation, CHP doubles the amount of available energy from a single fuel source when compared to a traditional power plant.

Image showing a traditional power plant versus a combined heat and power plant. The traditional plant only produces 40% usable energy, and the combined heat and power plant produces 80% usable energy.