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Commercial & Industrial

A gray building with windows in the middle. Blue sky with clouds is in the background.

Reliability and Resilience for Commercial Facilities

High-demand commercial and industrial facilities require maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Offsite energy production ensures that less building space is utilized, and our operational and maintenance expertise leads to less equipment downtime. 

WeWork in downtown Phoenix

How We Are Serving Commercial & Industrial Facilities

By partnering with Cordia, commerical and industrial businesses save capital, reduce labor costs and gain valuable space.

Notable Customers

  • RBC Plaza
  • PWC Plaza
  • Koll Center
  • IDS Center
  • Courts Tower
  • Marquette Place
  • Woodman Tower
  • Strawberry Square
  • First National Tower
  • Standard Oil Building
  • Bank of America World Headquarters

Cordia employee maintaining pipes

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