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Downtown Minneapolis

Reliably and Sustainably Serving Downtown Minneapolis for Decades

One of our largest and longest-running district energy systems, Cordia Minneapolis has served downtown customers for nearly 50 years. Operating since 1972, the system’s central plant and six satellite plants supply both heating and cooling to over 100 customers in a diverse range of industries.

Minneapolis is a rapidly growing city, and our system is designed to grow with it. New customers can easily sign on and experience the benefits of district energy.

Key Attributes

Reliability – Cordia Minneapolis maintains a 99.99% reliability rating. Customers with critical needs for heating and cooling count on the system’s heating and cooling services.

Efficiency – Centralized plants are inherently more efficient than traditional, on-site boilers and chillers. This shared approach benefits customer budgets and the environment.

Cost Savings – In addition to the reliability and energy efficiency offered by district energy, the elimination of on-site equipment reduces construction costs. No capital investment is required for interconnection.

Operation and Maintenance – Our 24/7 operations and maintenance staff eliminates costly service calls and unpredictable downtime.

Architectural Design Flexibility – Absent the need of equipment in the building, property owners are able to increase leasable area and increase rental income and overall building value.

Environmental Protection – District energy systems are far more sustainable than on-site heating and cooling methods due to their efficient energy consumption. Signing on with a district energy system helps our customers meet their carbon reduction goals.

System Profile

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System Type

District Energy – Steam and Chilled Water

Total Capacity

37,550 tons cooling, 1,075.2 Mlbs/hr heating


39,000-ft steam and hot water distribution system, 24,900-ft chilled water distribution system

Notable Customers

  • US Bank Stadium
  • Target Center
  • IDS Center
  • Fairview Health Services
  • Augsburg University
  • University of St. Thomas
  • Lumber Exchange Building
  • Marquette Place
  • Minneapolis Grand Hotel
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Minneapolis Public Services Building
  • PWC Plaza
  • RBC Plaza
  • Mayo Clinic Square
  • Northstar Block
  • Rand Tower

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  • Cordia Minneapolis
    816 4th Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN 55404

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