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A blue and orange residential apartment complex with a grassy field and a blue sky.

Endurance and Dependability for Residential Customers

Cordia’s systems provide district energy to residential spaces in a cost-effective, reliable manner. Sustainable energy keeps people comfortable in their homes, no matter the climate.

Father and daughter cooking in a kitchen

How We Are Serving

Residential Customers

Shifting away from the large, traditional in-building heating, cooling and backup power systems, district energy allows for extra space in residential buildings that can be used for additional amenities.

These systems also reduce construction time and help developers comply with clean energy requirements and achieve decarbonization goals.

Notable Customers

  • Crossings
  • Bolero Flats
  • Sexton Lofts
  • Ivy Tower Condos
  • Centre Village Condos
  • Maryland Apartments
  • Cityscape Apartments
  • Phoenix Orpheum Lofts Phoenix
  • International House of Harrisburg

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