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Continuously Driving Towards Efficiency & Sustainability

Delivering comprehensive energy solutions today while focusing on a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Our Values in Action

Successful communities run on resilient energy. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure our networks provide reliable service at a predictable cost — keeping customers safe and enabling communities to reach their full potential. Our experience with operating and maintaining complex energy systems can help organizations avoid significant unforeseen expenses and optimize the ways they generate and use energy.

We also work to create connected energy solutions for the sustainable future. From using alternative fuels to developing unique solutions like our water reclamation project in San Francisco, we’re constantly testing new methods to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and curb emissions. Our unique, nationwide structure allows us to test innovative solutions, then scale them for use in areas where they’ll provide the most benefit.

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Ready for Tomorrow, Today

As we work together toward the energy transition, it is Cordia’s focus to be an agent of change in the industry through innovative thinking and a true commitment to sustainability and decarbonization. 

District energy helps communities put more sustainable practices in place by efficiently generating thermal energy, reducing unplanned outages common in traditional systems, and enabling the use of high-efficiency technologies.

Predictable Costs

Helping developers avoid capital costs and enabling them to pay predictable rates.

Investing In The Future

Paving the path toward environmental progress and community-wide success.

Creating an Economy of Scale

Serving the needs of many customers from one centralized facility.

Innovative Technologies

Utilizing emerging technologies makes better use of space and available energy.

Centralized Production = Less Pollution


reduction in NOx emissions


reduction in water use

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reduction in fossil fuel usage

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Sustainable Networks

Cordia is helping some of the nation’s most vibrant communities lead the way toward a more sustainable energy future.