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Cordia is truly committed to driving positive change in the places where we operate. By researching and implementing more efficient and sustainable technologies, we are leading the way toward a cleaner energy future and helping our customers do the same.

Image of fuel cell

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells create energy without relying on combustion — their only byproducts are water, electricity, and heat. Instead of burning fuel, they use hydrogen to create energy through an electrochemical process. This means that they’re as clean and efficient as any other current energy production technology.

Their compact size and quiet operation also make them ideal for highly populated areas, where they can positively affect air quality and move cities closer to their environmental goals.

Image of pipes crossing an ice storage pool

Ice Storage

Ice storage facilities work like a battery for cooling— providing chilled water at peak hours and building up reserves when it’s most cost effective to do so. This creates lower energy costs and increases resiliency.

man working on computer

Fuel and Tech Flexibility

We always have an eye toward the future. In the coming years, solutions and devices still in development will allow for brand-new solutions that will revolutionize the way energy is produced and used.

Fuel-agnostic technology means that production facilities will be able to create energy using a variety of sources — not just natural gas or other modern fuels. This tech enables existing production facilities to be retrofitted with equipment that allows them to run on low-emissions or emissions-free fuels. 

As the amount of data collected about energy production and use increases, emerging solutions will also allow energy companies to analyze a system’s use more accurately — allowing operators to coordinate supply and demand with more flexibility. This will result in lower costs, less waste, and less stress on the grid. Across the country, Cordia is constantly researching these new solutions and considering where they can be put to best use.