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A woman walking across a beige and brown lobby of a hotel.

Expertise and Assurance for Hospitality Customers

Cordia’s hospitality customers host several thousand guests each year who rely on comfortable environments through dependable energy. This energy is delivered with maximum reliability and efficiency.

How We Are Serving

Hospitality Customers

These energy systems reduce risk and uncertainty for building owners and managers, while providing the ultimate comfort for guests. Cordia’s efforts allow better use of building space and bring more financial flexibility.

Notable Customers

  • Hilton Omaha
  • Hotel Palomar
  • Hotel Republic
  • Marriott San Diego
  • Union Square Hilton
  • Alva Hotel Harrisburg
  • Minneapolis Grand Hotel
  • Marriott Hotel Minneapolis
  • Moscone Convention Center
  • Hilton Harrisburg Hotel & Towers
  • Marriott Capitol District Hotel Omaha

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