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Monetization & Asset Development

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Get Paid By Your Energy Systems

Cordia has partnered with universities and other institutions across the country to form agreements in which energy services are outsourced, allowing customers to invest more in their core missions and services. We possess deep knowledge of project financing, as well as specialized technical knowledge that can reduce operating risks. 

  • Significant up-front payments
  • Advancement toward sustainability goals
  • Increased resilience
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Asset Development with Cordia Energy

Cordia has the capability to manage every stage of the asset development process in-house. From development to long-term operations and maintenance, we’re equipped to be your long-term partner. We identify the right solution for your organization’s long-term needs, determine what we need to do to build it in your area, and assemble the team to make the project happen. We’re skilled at the management of complex energy infrastructure design and construction projects and work with best-in-class trade allies to build them safely and efficiently.

For more information on Cordia’s current partnerships or if you’re interested in exploring this option for your institution, contact us today.

Cordia brings groundbreaking innovation to Duquesne University

The Challenge

  • Cordia acquired Duquesne University’s on-campus energy system and realized that the system had excess capacity. 

The Solution

  • Cordia’s development team was able to highlight its strength in the region around the university by underwriting this excess capacity and monetizing it for the benefit of the school.
  • Cordia implemented the first combined heat and power plant in western Pennsylvania, Gibbon Energy is a crowning achievement in the University’s decades-long pursuit of greater sustainability. 

The Result

  • Gibbon Energy was recognized for its ground-breaking innovation when it initially came online in 1997.
  • The plant generates 80 percent of the campus’s electricity needs, approximately 5 MW, using combined heat and power technology. 
  • Its high-efficiency, low-emissions boilers, high-efficiency chillers, and ice thermal storage are capable of producing 181,000 lbs/hr of steam and 7,150 tons of chilled water in the process. The steam and chilled water are directed through a distribution network to 46 campus buildings. 
  • The plant can also isolate from the grid, allowing the campus increased energy self-sufficiency.