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Photograph of Cordia employees standing in front of a white archway

March 28, 2024 CordiaServes Week Recap

Written By Randy Johnson

On the heels of the inaugural CordiaServes Week, I find myself reflecting on the impact it brought to our community and the entire organization. Cordia launched this initiative with a singular purpose — to unite our diverse team of employees, partners, and community members in a collective mission to honor and support those who have selflessly served our great nation.

This cause holds a special place in our hearts. Veterans give their whole selves in service to our country and in return, their sacrifices are honored for the rest of their lives. But — they face difficult challenges as they return to civilian life. From employment to the effects of PTSD, the experiences and sacrifices veterans hold are unparalleled. 

With so many of our own being veterans, we wanted to honor them in a thoughtful and intentional way. Therefore, CordiaServes became a powerful channel for us to convert our collective passion into meaningful contributions.

The weeklong activation, dedicated to honoring veterans from November 6–11, unfolded with a spirit of camaraderie and purpose. We showcased our commitment to the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, standing by our pledge with a $10,000 donation. Simultaneously, our supply drive for Soldier’s Angels resulted in the collection of approximately 150 pounds of essential items for those in need.

In my role as Senior Vice President of Support Services and Sustainability, I witnessed firsthand the commitment of our team. From honoring our veteran colleagues to crafting care packages, exploring vital mental health tools, and fostering a healthy sense of competition through a steps challenge — each initiative was marked by a desire to make a lasting impact.

The enthusiasm extended beyond our corporate walls, as Cordia sites across various locations volunteered locally, amplifying the reach of our collective efforts. Our hope is that the ripple effect of CordiaServes will inspire others to engage with and support veterans throughout the year.

I’m filled with pride over the engagement and devotion displayed by our team during CordiaServes Week. It was not merely a series of events — it was a manifestation of our shared commitment to making a positive difference. We hope to continue our commitment year after year to improve the lives of veterans like our own.