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Case Study | March 9, 2024 Arizona State University

Cordia has proudly served as Arizona State University’s energy partner for decades, providing them with resilient, sustainable, innovative energy solutions. In 2007, the Sun Devils made the decision to be an example of climate leadership.

The Challenge

Become Scope 1 and 2 carbon-neutral by 2025

Reach complete carbon-neutrality by 2035

The Solution

Build upon the decades-long development of on-site renewable and sustainable energy technologies and develop new solutions to minimize and mitigate the University’s climate impact

The Result

Arizona State University became Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon-neutral in 2019 – six years ahead of the target date.

Today, Cordia is Delivering:

13 of ASU’s 24.5 MW of on-site solar

16MW of combined heat and power (CHP)

88 campus buildings heating and cooling

Off-site renewable power via power purchase agreements

Renewable energy credits

Innovation Highlights:

Designing, constructing, and financing Sun Devil Energy Center, ASU’s CHP plant.

Ensuring CHP continuous compliance with federal reliability requirements for ASU’s critical biomedical research, which provides heating and cooling to campus.

Offsetting plant emissions through ASU’s onsite, natural gas-fueled solar generation.

Designing a future-ready facility that can expand over time (Case-in-point: Capacity doubled to 16 MW in 2019 with the addition of a new turbine).

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Learn More About Sun Devil Energy

Want to learn more about how Cordia could help your educational institution? We’d love to talk. From acquiring and operating existing systems to designing and installing innovative solutions, our team has developed projects across a wide variety of types and scopes.